Radio premiere of Metropolis Balticum (Urbana Landscape)

On Friday, September 29th, in the Electroacoustic Music show, hosted by Marek Kwiatkowski on the radio station El-Stacja, the premiere presentation of my new project, Metropolis Balticum (Urbana Landscape) will take place. This composition serves as a soundscape of Gdańsk, my hometown. It was entirely created from field recordings that I made within the urban space, visiting various locations and searching for intriguing events with musical qualities. Each of the eight parts of the composition consists of multiple phrases layered on top of each other, creating a sonic tapestry. As a result of these techniques, some parts resemble a journey through the city, with smooth transitions between layers and locations, while others (especially Industry and Interiors) are more distinctly musical impressions blurring the lines between soundscape and concrete music. The sounds of the city, bustling streets, industrial noises, the sea’s roar, and the hubbub of human activity all become phrases contributing to this uniquely musical whole. Each section is dedicated to specific themes such as arrivals and departures to the city, the importance of water and air, industry, interiors, urban parks and nature, streets, and, finally, the people themselves. This project was undertaken as part of the Cultural Grant of the City of Gdańsk, awarded in 2023.
The broadcast will begin at 10:00 PM and can be listened to through the El-Stacja website:, or in any radio application by entering the station’s name. I will be live with the listeners on IRC, and anyone who wishes to join can do so at: